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Mr. Hamed Adib, Counsel
Eagle Canyon Capital, LLC
San Ramon, CA

AllWest was introduced to Eagle Canyon Capital in 2016 when they purchased several office buildings from Sleepy Hollow Investment Company of Pleasanton CA. In 2017 AllWest assisted Eagle Canyon in their acquisition of San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel with Environmental, Seismic and Property Condition Assessments.

Mr. Clarence Turner, Sr., & Mr. Lester Ip
Trico Realty
Costa Mesa, CA

AllWest has provided environmental services to Trico Realty since 2010 supporting their property transactions and most recently hazardous material decontamination of beryllium oxide (BeO). AllWest identified contaminated areas by conducting extensive wipe sampling throughout a multi- plex facility and observed/verified hazmat contractor compliance with local, state and federal regulations during remedial site activities.

Mr. Mark G. Conroe, Managing Member
Urban Communities 1699 LLC
San Francisco, CA

AllWest has provided environmental services to Urban Communities since 2015 primarily in support of redevelopment of the former Flax art supply store at 1699 Market Street, San Francisco. Specifically AllWest has provided expertise relating to Maher Zone compliance as the property is redeveloped with two 9 story apartment buildings. Besides conducting Phase II assessments AllWest calculated soil volumes to be disposed and assisted identify appropriate disposal facilities for soils impacted with various levels of hazardous constituents.

Mr. Ronnie Gul and Mr. Steve Fried
Mesa West Capital
Los Angeles, CA

AllWest provides peer reviews on environmental, property condition and seismic reports submitted by Mesa West borrower's in support of their loan application. In 2017 AllWest reviewed environmental reports on 28 properties located across the US on loans exceeding $750M in value.

Mr. Fabian Iobbi
Director of Project Development
Kor Realty Group
Los Angeles, CA

Since 1998 AllWest has provided environmental expertise (including asbestos, lead paint) on over 75 commercial, multi-family and hotel properties acquired by Kor (formerly Elkor Commercial Properties). Follow up investigations include soil and groundwater investigations, the preliminary design of a waste water treatment plant and asbestos abatement oversite prior to site redevelopment. In recent years AllWest has assisted Kor with a number of acquisitions in downtown LA intended for adaptive re-use redevelopment. The most prominent of these site sis the Pegasus apartment complex at 612 Flower Street in LA, the former Mobil Oil headquarters building. In 2005 AllWest assisted Kor with their acquisition of Campton Place hotel in San Francisco and several downtown LA acquisitions earmarked for residential conversion.

Projects in 2012 and 2013 include the Renoir Hotel in San Francisco, the Case Hotel (adaptive re-use) in Los Angeles, Edison Lofts (12 story adaptive re-use) in Long Beach and State Street development in Santa Barbara, CA. 2014 projects include the Flats (an apartment building and garage in Los Angeles) also in LA. 2015- 2017 projects include the Hotel Metropolis in San Francisco and Custom Hotel in Los Angeles (LAX).

Mr. Steve Rose
Senior Director of Construction | Northwest

AllWest was retained by AIMCO in March 2014 to assess 164 buildings contained within 4 apartment communities for compliance with the soft story structural ordinance promulgated by the City and County of San Francisco, CA. AllWest's process in evaluating the properties included reviewing the procedures for implementation of the Mandatory Seismic Retrofit Program for Wood Frame Buildings (SFBD Chapter 34B), discussing the specific issues relating to the AIMCO properties with the plan administrators at the building department, visiting the sites to access each structure, meeting with each property service manager to discuss the structural configuration of the buildings and obtaining access to the target stories. Lastly, we documented the structures for reference during the completion of the survey forms. AIMCO subsequently retained AllWest to provide structural engineering services for soft story seismic upgrades at two of the complexes. With construction scheduled for 2017 AllWest will be further involved with the project by providing shop drawing review and periodic construction inspections.

Mr. Charles Koyama
General Manager
Los Angeles Center Studios
Los Angeles, CA

AllWest oversees asbestos related activities at LA Center Studios, a 12 story high-rise immediately west of downtown Los Angeles. Formerly the Unocal headquarter buildings, the property has been transformed into an office/sound stage complex. AllWest has overseen nine floors of asbestos abatement for the building owner, the Bristol Group, of San Francisco.

Mr. Nate Carlson
Swift Realty Partners
San Francisco, CA

AllWest provided comprehensive due diligences to Swift for their acquisition of the Creekside Business Park in Dublin, CA. We provided similar services to Swift in conjunction with the acquisition of the 8 building 782,000 HP campus in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) CA.

Mr. Steve Mitchell
Black Mountain Properties
San Mateo, CA

AllWest provided our usual suite of ESA/PCA & Seismic services to Black Mountain in the acquisition of several Bay Area properties in 2016. Properties included the 7 bldg, 102,000sf Eden Plaza Business Park in Hayward, CA, the 2 bldg, 104,000sf Las Positas office Plaza in Pleasanton, CA and the 14ksf office bldg at 2420 Broadway in downtown Redwood City.


We are very close to wrapping up the Shoreview Seismic work. Nicolette and I conducted the final walk with the contractor and as expected we have a lengthy punch list but all items were minor and for the most part were paint related. We hope to final the project later this week once all items are reported complete and confirmed by Nicolette or I. All in all we are pleased with the final look of the buildings and they appear to have always been there. A tribute to AllWest and the designs completed on the project.

Steve Rose


Just went through the reports. Very thorough and well done. Thanks again.

Isaac Abid | Partner
HP Investors
Oakland, CA 94612


I am always happy to refer All West to anyone in need of your services. You did a great job for us in the past and I look forward to working with you more in the future.


Tony Bullock
Black Mountain Properties
San Carlos, CA


The best person I can think of to cover all your bases is Marc Cunningham, President of AllWest. Marc is very polished and his company does property condition reports for all of the largest banks and buildings owners in the valley. I copied him on this email so the two of you can talk!

David Andris
SouthBay Development
Campbell, CA

Marc- Thank you for all the great work on this project. It was a pleasure working with AllWest and I look forward to doing so again in the future. We have received the invoice and will be paying out of escrow. Expected close is next Tuesday October 13th.


Nicco Cipolla
Swift Real Estate Partners
San Francisco, CA

I was very happy with the speed and focus with which you completed the work we asked (a Phase I Assessment in San Francisco). I will recommend you to others and will think of you for our next project. Thanks again.

Mr. Cort Gross
Wessington| ventures, llc
San Francisco, CA

Thanks so much for you and your team's help in bringing this to a happy conclusion. Marc, you were right all along.

Tom Cleys
Vice President
Mesa West Capital
Los Angeles, CA

Sorry Marc, buying a building is expensive and lot of out of pocket cost prior to sale. We were fortunate to have some things pushed into the loan. Thanks for your patience. Let's get a beer or drink when you get paid. Thanks. You were 3 to 5 times more expensive and we choose you. I would recommend you again.

Nelson A. Cicchitto
Chairman & CEO
Avatier Corporation
San Ramon, CA


Excellent Property Condition Assessment! Thank you for doing a thorough job. If you would send AllWest's invoice to Laurie with your expenses included, we can pay you immediately.

Thank you,

Rob Holyoake
For The Lenney LLC
Campbell, CA

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