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AllWest Project Highlights: Asbestos/Lead/Mold Accomplishments







Hayward, CA

Approximately 7,500 SF of ACMs from 16,000 SF building

Provided asbestos survey and project monitoring

FPA Hayward Associated, LP

Assisted client understand a shoddy abatement contractor fee proposal, conducted thorough survey of 24 HR Fitness tenant suite, provided a concise scope of work and solicited cost proposals from more qualified ACM contractors. Conducted critical juncture site observations, clearance air monitoring and final report.

November 2017; August-September 2018
Davis, CA

10 single-family residential building with detached garages and one multi-family apartment complex with 4 buildings

Asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury switches and other hazardous materials testing, abatement specs and project monitoring

Highbridge Properties

Provided client reassurance that ACM/LBP and other hazardous material issues were well documented for demolition planning, strong abatement project monitoring over weak contractor.

Redwood City, CA

Approximately 15,000sf of various ACMS from 126,000sf building

Peer reviewed previous reports, asbestos survey, abatement specs and project monitoring

Redwood City, CA

Deciphered old ACM reports and supplemented with additional samples analyzed via point counting to reduce hazmat quantities, strong abatement project monitoring over weak contractor.

October - November 2016
Benicia, CA

80,000 sf, two story office/industrial building

Asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury switches and other hazardous materials testing

GLP US Management

Provided client reassurance that ACM/LBP issues were well documented for renovation planning. Provided contract review and selection.

September - October 2016
Costa Mesa, CA

Two buildings (2 story & 1 story), 89,000 total sf, industrial building

Asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury switches and other hazardous materials testing

Trico Realty, Inc.

Tested and documented ACM/LBP and hazardous materials and ensured issues were well understood by abatement contractor.

February - March 2016
Los Angeles, CA

140,000 sf, six stories and two basement levels

Asbestos and lead testing

City Constructors

Provided client reassurance that ACM/LBP issues were well documented for renovation planning.

January - March 2015
San Jose, CA

Three buildings (14 story, 7 story, 1 connector)

Asbestos, lead, PCB and mercury testing

County of Santa Clara

Tested and documented ACM/LBP and hazardous materials and ensured issues were well understood by building operating staff.

September - December 2015
San Francisco, CA

10 Story, 108,000 sf, 1903 office bldg

Industrial hygiene

Millennium Partners

Peeled back the multiple architectural finishes to identify all ACMs. Provided contract review and project observation services.

August 2014
Fairfield, CA

Multi-building, manufacturing facility

Assess extent of water intrusion at biotech manufacturing facility


Responded to client on an emergency basis to delineate moisture source and extent

April - December 2013
Long Beach, CA

100,000 SF of sprayed on fire proofing

Asbestos peer review Asbestos survey Abatement project management

The Kor Group
Venice, CA

Although lab reported fireproofing as non-ACM, AllWest determined it was "hot". Identified a $1,000,000 construction cost for client before transaction closed.

January-March 2012
Santa Clara, CA

43,500 sf VFT
115,500 sf mastic

Asbestos survey abatement spec and project management

4 Corner Properties
San Francisco, CA

Worry-free asbestos survey and abatement project prior to wholesale site redevelopment.

March - May 2011
San Jose, CA

4 buildings
264,000 sf

Conduct asbestos/lead paint/haz-mat survey of 4 building corporate headquarters to achieve site demolition permit. Conduct abatement inspection.

Essex Properties
Palo Alto, CA

Scope of work completed in 2 week period, allowing project to proceed on schedule.

January - December
Los Angeles, CA

1 building, 57 stories containing two hotels and residential condos, 1.6 million square feet

Water intrusion and moisture assessment documentation

AEG Los Angeles, CA

Provided client with timely on-site response documenting water intrusion events and remedial work.

May 2008
R&D Bldg Campbell, CA

1 Bldg, 25,000 sf

Hazardous chemical inspection

South Bay Development
San Jose, CA

Documented tenant Hazmat Abatement prior to tenant move out.

December 2008
San Francisco, CA

5th Floor
Health Club

Perform ACM and LBP inspection, write abatement specification

Construction Management and Development
San Francisco, CA

Provided client reassurance that ACM/LBP issues were well documented and understood by building operating staff.

January 2008
R&D Bldg Fullerton, CA

Building, 5100 sf

Assess residual lead dust in vacating tenant space

Capital Investment Network
Huntington Beach, CA

Identified significant lead dust contaminated floors, ceiling and light panels. Oversaw abatement of materials prior to tenant move out.

December 2007
Oakland, CA

1 building, 118,000 sf

Supplemental sampling prior to significant tenant improvements

Pacific Real Estate
Partners, Larkspur, CA

Sampling data reduced the scope of the abatement project.

November 2006
Denver, CO

3 buildings, 575,000 sf

Peer review 20 years of asbestos documentation where non -ACM fireproofing was patched with ACM fireproofing.

Walton Street
Capital, Chicago, Il

Provided client reassurance that ACM issues were well documented and understood by building operating staff.

January - July 2006
Los Angeles, CA

60,000 sf Floors

Oversee three floors of ACM abatemet

Los Angeles Center Studios

Handle difficult air clearance issues at property where asbestos fireproofing is applied over plaster casing on structural steel.

March - May 2005
S. Francisco, CA

12,000 sf Floors

Oversee two floors where ACM fireproofing concurrently removed.

The Swig Company
San Francisco, CA

Professionally managed sensitive project in occupied building.

Aug. - Dec. 2005
Oakland, CA

40,000 sf Clubhouse Facility

Conduct Asbestos and lead based paint surveys. Manage subsequent removal.

Sequoyah Country Club
Oakland, CA

Eliminate Lead based and Lead Containing Paint saving club several thousands dollars in removal costs.

Aug. - Dec. 2005
S. Francisco, CA

14 buildings, 3 - 4 stories

Conduct survey of ceiling and wall finishes in concert with major renovation project.

Joel Josehart
Construction Management
Mill Valley, CA

Presented a range of options to condo board on addressing ACM ceiling paint counted sheetrock samples to eliminate sheetrock issues.

Fall, 2004
Missoula, MT

13 buildings, 192 units,
2003 constructed apartment complex

Conduct visual and invasive Mold Assessment. Provide remedial scope of work. Conduct clearance inspections.


Provided remedial solution for 50% less than initially budgeted.

December 2003 - April 2004
San Francisco, CA

Five-story building with
68 apartment units

Asbestos and lead paint abatement, project management, including survey, specs and abatement oversight.

Mercy Housing,
San Francisco, CA

Provided asbestos and lead paint abatement and management in concert with Swinerton Builders' full-building renovation, while building was fully occupied.

September 2004 - October 2004
Los Angeles, CA

122 Hotel rooms

Conduct extensive unit inspections, work scope and clearance inspections.

Kor Hotel Group
Los Angeles, CA

Coordinated Asbestos Abatement and provided industrial hygiene services enabling client to convert "Extended Stay" facility to boutique hotel within a 60 day window.

September 2003 - March 2004
San Jose, CA

38,000 sf
11,200 lf

Asbestos and lead paint abatement project management, including survey, specs and abatement oversight.

County of Santa Clara,
General Services Agency

Successfully managed pre-demolition abatement project for medical office and environmental health laboratories.

February - July 2003
Brisbane, CA

98 containments within hallways, stairwells and 51 hotel suites

Conducted initial assessment and provided project specifications, performed monitoring during remedial activities, visual clearances and post-remedial air sampling for mold 51 hotel guest rooms.

Hardin Capital
Atlanta, GA

Successfully managed complicated project that occurred while hotel continued regular operations. Provided project documentation to substantiate owner's insurance claim for construction defects.

July - October 2003
Long Beach, CA

43 containments within kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms of 29 apartment units

Provided project specifications, performed monitoring during remedial activities, visual clearances and post-remedial air sampling for mold remediation of 29 apartment units

F&F Partners
Larkspur, CA

Acted as owner's agent during mold removal. Managed apartment unit buildback in several of the units.

December 2003
Los Angeles, CA

18,000 sf

Asbestos Abatement

Los Angeles Center Studio,
Los Angeles, CA

Managed the removal of ACM fireproofing from building utilized as Film & TV studio.

January - June 2002

Sixty-five 2 & 3 story apartment buildings, 206 residential units

Mold & Asbestos Removal Project Management

F&F Partners
Larkspur, CA

In concert with daily industrial hygiene oversite, minimized change orders through weekly scrutiny of completed work.

November 2002 - February 2002
Los Angeles

60,000 sf

Asbestos Abatement Project Management

Divco West
San Jose

Managed 3 concurrent floors of abatement project under 120 day time constraint.

November 2002

1,900,000 sf

Asbestos Survey


ACM fireproofing survey of 9 building office complex for Prop. 65 notice.

December 2001 - March 2002

206 apartment units

Mold, asbestos and lead-based paint abatement specifications, bid and project management.

Hart, King & Coldren

Organized highly complex project in litigious area especially considering mold issues with residential tenants.

May - June 2001
Los Angeles

3 stories, 167,000 square feet, 166 unit apartment building

Asbestos abatement project management

Kor Realty Group
Los Angeles, CA

Composed asbestos, lead and building demolition specifications. Oversaw the removal of all ACM prior to building demolition. Project was in highly sensitive area adjacent to the Wilshire County Club.

November - December 2001
San Francisco

84 apartment units

Lead based paint stabilization monitoring

A. F. Evans
San Francisco, CA

Conducted visual and wipe sampling clearances for lead in structure housing the elderly.

November - December 2000
Santa Monica

80,000 sf

Manage ACM removal during seismic upgrade & room renovation.

Elkor Commercial Realty

Coordinated construction schedule with asbestos removal during seismic upgrade & renovation of occupied hotel.

October 2000 -
January 2001
San Francisco

20,000 sf

Managed ACM removal during major remodel & seismic retrofit.

The Cannery

Oversee project in major tourist facility at Fisherman's Wharf while site open to public.

August - December 2000
San Francisco

150,000 sf

Lead paint & ACM remediation at a former coffee roastery.

Live Oak Schools

Successfully completed the site remediation in preparation for remodel of the facility to school use.

June - October 2000
San Jose

500,000+ sf

Lead paint & ACM removal in 6 industrial/warehouse buildings.

Del Monte Foods

Manage environmental remediation during conversion of former cannery facility into residential housing.

January - June 2000
Los Angeles

120,000 sf

Managed ACM removal on 6 floors of two 20+ story highrises.

Divco West

Effectively managed ACM removal during major remodel of occupied building.

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