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AllWest Project Highlights: Property Condition/Seismic Accomplishments






Good Shepherd Shelter
Los Angeles, CA

Assess building's compliance with LA soft story ordinance. Design retrofit.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd
Los Angeles, CA

Determined building does not comply with City ordinance then gain approval from LA Building Department for seismic strengthening.

Fremont and Milpitas, CA

Conducted equity property assessments on seven sites, 437,000 sf R&D Portfolio.

Swift Realty Partners
San Francisco, CA

Working in a very compressed time frame identified site issues that ultimately scuttled transaction

Pacific School of Religion
Berkeley, CA

Property condition, seismic, environmental and Hazmat assessments of Seminary classrooms, residences and places of worship.

Eagle Canyon Capital
San Ramon, CA

Working with little assistance from seller AllWest provided a full range of physical due diligence reports on 19 buildings, 83,000sf, 3 acre property.

Grocery Anchored Retail
Seattle, WA Metro Area

Property condition and seismic reports.

Costa Mesa, CA

AllWest completed eight assessments in a 10 day span concluding on December 22. 26 buildings, 350,660sf

HP San Diego Campus
Rancho Bernardo, CA

Property condition and seismic assessment of eight building office campus, approximately 782,211 sf.

Swift Realty Partners
San Francisco, CA

AllWest provided professional opinions on property condition and seismic issues for Swift's acquisition.

Twelve building, 874,000 sf suburban office portfolio
San Francisco Bay Area

Due Diligence

Sleepy Hollow Investment Co.
Pleasant Hill, CA

For the seller, provided comprehensive physical due dlilgence assessments including ALTA Surveys for each property, many of which were relied on by the buyer(s).

Tribune Tower
Oakland, CA

Evaluate iconic Oakland office building containing approximately 88,000 sf.

Harvest Properties
Oakland, CA

AllWest assisted Harvest with pre PSA DD and then provided environmental, property condition reports and ALTA survey.

Parks & Recreation Concord, CA

Evaluate physical condition of 40 city parks and recreational facilities

City of Concord, CA

Presented report findings at both City Council and Park - Rec Dept. public meetings.

LaSalle & Shoreview Apartment Complexes

Initially provide soft story assessments for 166 buildings identifying 14 with soft stories.

AIMCO, Denver, CO

Identified 14 buildings with soft story per SF City Ordinance. Designed seismic retrofits for impacted units of low income housing

Santa Clara County Buildings Santa Clara, CA

Evaluate seven to fourteen story buildings comprising approximately 425,000 sf

Santa Clara County, CA

Provided costs to improve existing building to "like new" condition and anticipate costs if building occupancy increased by 20%.

Latham Square Oakland, CA

Assess scenario upper loss (SUL)value after complex seismic retrofit design

Ridge Capital
San Francisco, CA

Provided detailed comments on seismic strengthen of 1920s era building with four different structural systems. Client able to secure construction loan.

North Creek Business Park
Bothell, WA

Property condition and seismic assessment

Grosvenor America
Calgary, Canada

Provided architectural, MEP/FLS building envelope, elevator and seismic assessments on 11 buildings, 712,000 sf office park.

San Jose Mercury News
Production Facility
San Jose, CA

ALTA survey of 37 acre facility with multiple buildings

SuperMicro Computer Company
San Jose, CA

Documented site conditions at large site using aerial photography as a base map.

Sansome Facade
San Francisco, CA

Review facade repair permit, invoices and other project documents on behalf of new owner

Harvest Properties
Emeryville, CA

Identified absence of city-required permits by project contractor. Permits obtained and project approved by city

Green Manor Apartment
San Diego, CA (2012)

Tier I & II ASCE 31-03 Seismic Assessment. Seismic design for structural upgrade.

Falkenberg/Gilliam Associates
Pasadena, CA

As part of a re-financing effort, determined subject building was impacted by 2010 Calexico earthquake. Subsequently designed seismic upgrade.

255 California Street
San Francisco, CA (2012)

Property Condition & Seismic Assessment

Prudential Real Estate Investors & Ellis Partners
San Francisco, CA

Retained and coordinated six sub-consultants to conduct transaction review. Provided traditional PCA spreadsheet and 2nd spreadsheet that correlated directly with sellers.

Coastal California

Conduct ALTA surveys on 14 former Bank Branches

Los Angeles

In conjunction with property disposition, AllWest provided 14 ALTA surveys within 45 days for property marketing efforts. Worked with seller & buyer on specific certification requirements.

Hotel Portfolio
San Francisco, CA

Review seismic, physical and ADA issues of 3 vintage boutique hotels

Westport Capital Partners
El Segundo, CA

Expedited building condition & ADA reviews over the weekend in conjunction with the client's best and final offer.

Hi-Rise Office
San Diego, CA

Conduct property condition and seismic review of 39-story office building


Identified approximately $4,000,000 worth of repairs associated with office building curtain wall and EIFS.

South San Francisco, CA (2009)

Review curtail wall, electrical, HVAC, seismic and elevator assessments. Synthesize all reports and findings for clients in a comprehensive overview report.

Actelion Pharmaceuticals, USA
South San Francisco, CA

Retained after completion of building inspection reports. Provided Board of Directors plain english analysis of building condition related issues.

Alvern Review
Los Angeles, CA (2009)

Review seismic design of unfinished residential condominium near LAX

Sares Regis Group
Newport Beach, CA

Identified major items such as unaligned sheer walls, missing details and lost design calculations in an apartment building's structural design prior to a property purchase.

PathFinder Apartments
Fremont, CA (2008)

Structural Design for Seismic Upgrade

Denver, CO

Working on a lump-sum basis, AllWest engineered and designed the seismic retrofit of 20 existing apartment buildings with tuck-under parking garage at the first level. Buildings were retrofitted with steel welded moment resisting frames in the longitudinal direction and steel braced frames in the transverse direction. AllWest was retained to provide technical support during the project construction.

Carriage Recon
Santa Ana, CA (2008)

Forensic Assessment for Corporate Acquisition

Power Distribution, Inc.
Richmond, VA

Assessed the regulatory compliance of unfinished mezzanine and cold shell. Provided demolition and completion cost estimates.

Stevenson Street
San Francisco, CA (2008)

Topographic Survey of interior locations for development planning and exhibits for street vacating.

Conversion Management Association
San Francisco, CA

Provided exhibits including metes and bounds description of vacated city street to allow street condemnation.

Alpine Meadows,
Lake Tahoe, CA (2007)

Physical Needs and Seismic Review for 8 building, 644 acre ski resort.

JMA Ventures,
San Francisco, CA

Provided qualitative evaluation and short and long term budgetary estimates for each structure of an internationally known ski resort.

Luxury Hotel Portfolio (2007)

Property Condition Reports on destination resorts hotels including the Ventana Inn (Big Sur) Beaver Creek Resort(Avon, CO) and Sonoma Mission Inn & Golf Course.


Staffed a complex multi-site, multi-state high profile project with in-house licensed professionals. Provided qualitative evaluations and short and long term budgetary estimates for all sites within short time frame. Budgets utilized by both acquirer and lender.

East Bay Apartment Complexes (2007)

Design Seismic Upgrade

The Felson Companies, Inc
Oakland, CA

Working on a lump-sum basis, AllWest's structural upgrade improved seismic shear capacity for tucked under parking garages utilizing steel frames.

Park Central
Denver, CO (2006)

Peer Review PCA Report and site inspection for Acquisition Due Diligence.

Walton Street Capital
Chicago, IL

Identified $500,000 in parking garage repairs not disclosed by seller.

Distribution Center
Visalia, CA (2006)

Seismic Assessment.

Cottonwood Partners
Salt Lake City, UT

Identified poor seismic design and engineering with retrofit costs exceeding $1M.

Downtown Retail
Tiburon, CA (2006)

Physical Condition ADA report to 30 tenants in 28 buildings.


Evaluated ADA compliance at multiple buildings, many on the state and historic register, prior to site disposition.

San Francisco, CA (2005)

Conduct physical condition needs assessment of 28 Building per HUD guidelines.

PNC MultiFamily Capital
San Francisco, CA

Inspected 95% of units meeting lender guidelines and produced 37 year rehabilitation budget for site.

Mt. View, CA (2005)

Seismic Review 10 Building R & D office portfolio.

Eagle Ridge Partners

Assisted client in negotiation a seven figure fee reduction in sales price due to seismic issues.

San Luis Obispo, CA (2005)

Property Condition Assessment of Regional Power Center

Los Angeles, CA

Based on identified issues client received a six figure price reduction to address roof issues.

Citicorp Center
San Francisco, CA (2004)

Conduct Architectural, MEP and Seismic Review of 43 story Class A office building.

American Assets,
San Diego, CA

Mobilized in-house and outside consultants and provided evaluation over 7 day Christmas holiday period.

Westgate Shopping Center
San Leandro, CA (2003)

Peer Review of Seismic Assessment

Portland, OR

Rebutted two high PML opinions through sophisticated structural analysis of 1954 industrial building. Enabled acquisition to proceed.

Ford Motor Building
San Leandro, CA (2003)

Seismic PML Evaluation

Orton Development
Emeryville, CA

Identified significant issue in seismic upgrade of historic Alfred Kahn building. Client petitioned city for additional development fees.

Salinas Apartments
Salinas, CA (2003)

Property Construction and Seismic Assessments on 9 property, 1700 apartment unit portfolio

United Dominion Realty Trust
Dallas, Texas

Identified several critical physical deficiencies and 2 properties that required seismic upgrades.

Office Building
Los Angeles, CA (2002)

Feasibility Study for Seismic Retrofit

Barker - Pacific Properties
Los Angeles, CA

Retained to evaluate retrofit options to respond to high earthquake insurance fees.

Office Park

Property Condition & Seismic Assessment on 18 Building Portfolio

Newport Beach, CA

Identified seismic and asbestos issues in 16 buildings glossed over by sellers consultant.

Retail Center
Mountain View, CA (2002)

Seismic Retrofit of 4 Building Center

DeAnza Properties
Cupertino, CA

Retained by property owner to design retrofit of buildings prompted by refinancing conditions.

Jack's Restaurant
San Francisco, CA (2001)

Property Condition and Seismic Review.

Deloitte & Touche
Los Angeles, CA

Identified seismic issues with the building that reduced purchase price of property by greater than $350,000.

Century City Mall
Los Angeles, CA (2001)

Seismic Review of 13 building 850,000 square feet retail center.

Miller Capital Advisory
Chicago, IL

Retained by pension fund advisor to provide analysis of lateral resistance capabilities of upscale regional mall buildings.

San Jose, Salinas, San Francisco, and La Mirada, CA (2001)

ALTA Surveys for Commercial Properties.


Retained by securitized and life insurance lenders to provide boundary surveys.

Victory Avenue
South San Francisco, CA (2001)

Designed seismic upgrade for 1960's vintage 200,000 square feet concrete industrial warehouse building.

Sandhill Properties
San Mateo, CA

Retained by site owner to upgrade seismic elements of building thereby negating the need for earthquake insurance.

2nd Street
San Francisco, CA
(2000 - 2001)

Property Condition & Seismic Review of six story 1913 vintage building. Design of seismic upgrade of the building.

Eiselman Group

Client was purchasing what was thought to be a seismically upgraded building. Our review noted that although approved by the city, a brace frame along one side of the building was not structurally configured correctly. The $115,000 problem was resolved prior to the sale.

Spreckels Warehouse
Manteca, CA (2000)

Budget & Seismic Design Review prior to monthly site inspections of 552,000 sf building constructed on 26 acre site.

San Francisco, CA

Client was purchasing project after construction. Retained AllWest to ensure conformance with design criteria & budget.

2nd Street
San Francisco, CA (2000)

Property Condition & Seismic Review of six story 1913 vintage building.

Eiselman Group

Client was purchasing what was thought to be a seismically upgraded building. Our review noted that although approved by the city, a brace frame along one side of the building was not structurally configured coorectly. The $115,000 problem was resolved prior to the sale.

Sutter, Bush & Pine Streets
San Francisco, CA (2000)

Seismic (PML) reviews on three 8 story, pre 1950's buildings.

Heller Financial
San Francisco, CA

In response to client request completed written reports within 7 days.

Park Center Plaza
San Jose, CA (2000)

ALTA Survey of 5 parcel, 6 acre city block in central downtown, San Jose.


Initially retained by seller of property to map external boundary of complicated, irregular site. 2nd assignment for buyer to mark internal boundaries. Completed within 15 working days during Christmas-New Year period.

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