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AllWest Project Highlights: Environmental Accomplishments






Surplus Railroad Property
South San Francisco, CA (2018)

Phase I and II

Republic Metropolitan
San Jose, CA

Guided client from initial review and site characterization concluding with agency negotiations adopting a different development plan.

Vacant Lots
Piedmont, CA (2018)

ESA peer review, UST scan, Phase II and EIR segment.

Social Construct
San Francisco, CA

Advised client from site acquisition to EIR review at City Planning office. Determined site soils could be excavated as non-hazardous.

Custom Hotel
Los Angeles, CA (2017)

Phase I, soil, soil vapor, indoor air quality and groundwater assessments.

The Kor Group
Venice, CA

Allowed client to negotiate sizable credit to pay for dry cleaner characterization and remediation.

Paularino and Red Hill
Costa Mesa, CA (2017)

Testing and overview of hazardous material remediation at 3 building R&D complex.

Trico Realty
Costa Mesa, CA

Identified contaminant Beryllium dust, characterized its extent, acted as client agent during ten month clean up process through materials testing and observation.

Mid Market Street
San Francisco, CA (2016)

Phase I, II, remedial cost estimate and site mitigation plan.

Presidio Development and Encore Capital Management
San Francisco, CA

Guided client through San Francisco Maher Zone regulations for very prominent Market Street property.

150,000 sf Industrial Building
Morgan Hill, CA (2016)

Lead team of IH, HVAC, roof consultants and architects to evaluate impact of high tech manufacturing on base building condition.

San Jose, CA

Provided remedial cost estimate to return building to original condition for tenant lease negotiation.

Dry Cleaners
Novato, CA (2015)

Conduct site characterization assessment and provide DTSC with Removal Action Workplan


Negotiated DTSC oversight fee from $74,000 to $51,000 on clients behalf

Calle & Tasman
Santa Clara, CA (2015)

Remedial site investigation of property occupied by printed circuit board servicing business.

Ensemble Investments
Long Beach, CA

Identified hexavalent chrome and cyanide as potential contaminants of concern then defined their spatial extent for potential residential development property.

Jackson Square
San Francisco, CA (2014)

Remedial investigation for lead containing soils per San Francisco Maher Ordinance

Walnut Properties
San Francisco ,CA

Through several rounds of sampling and over excavation allowed the client to compile remediation without deed restriction.

Mt. Washington Street
Fountain Valley, CA

Site cleanup/closure activities for a former circuit board plating facility

Trico Realty
Costa Mesa, CA

Negotiated Orange County Environmental Health & DTSC risk- based clean-up requirements; developed a Remedial Action Workplan; identified haz-waste contractor; composed and verified gross soil removal activities

San Jose Mercury News
Production Facility
San Jose, CA

Land use review and environmental consulting

SuperMicro Computer
Company San Jose, CA

Peer reviewed multiple environmental and hazmat docs identifying issues in site closure which seller then took responsibility for. Provided opinion on zoning related issues likely to be encountered in site redevelopment.

Kirkwood Auto Center
Campbell, CA

Oversee removal of 10 hydraulic hoists and 2 sumps

Taylor Morrison
Folsom, CA

Turnkey remedial services at former TBA center being redeveloped as residential townhomes.

One $ Store
San Francisco, CA

Oversee removal of five in-ground hoists

Harrigan Weidenmuller
San Francisco, CA

AllWest managed the removal of 5 abandoned hoists during open retail store hours. Sampling data showed no significant contamination, allowing future site development.

Office Building
Menlo Park, CA

Owner's consultant where offsite dry cleaner impacted subject property via soil vapor

Robert Barton LLC
Woodside, CA

Provide estimated remedial costs associated with offsite-originated contamination. Peer reviewed proposed cleanup activities.

Dry Cleaners

Represent seller in site remediation

Bay Area, California

Negotiated DTSC & Monterey County risk-based clean-up requirements; previous Remedial Action Workplan; identified haz-waste contractor; negotiated performance & fee docs; composed and verified gross soil removal activities

Multiple Sites

Peer review environmental reports

Mesa West Capital
Los Angeles, CA

Peer reviews, Environmental Phase I & II sites in Virginia, Maryland, New York City, Washington, Arizona and California. Expedited loan process by allowing borrowers to use existing consultant. Added value by ensuring reports met Industry Standard of Care

Forge Property
Cupertino, CA

Review sub slab vapor sampling data


Provided three-page professional opinion letter rebutting existing data interpretation which recommended installing a passive air venting system at the property. The environmental insurance company withdrew their remedial requirement, saving the client approximately $50,000.

Marina Del Rey Harbor
Los Angeles, CA

Conduct surface water sampling of harbor water


Client was required to correct remedial investigation of petroleum release from USTs used to fuel recreational boats. AllWest negotiated scope of work with regulatory agency to assess whether harbor waters were impacted. Based on sampling data and conceptual site model, AllWest concluded there was no impact to human health and the environment at the site.

FDIC properties in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona (2009)

Provide Desktop and Internet based Environmental Assessments


Working on extremely tight timeframes enabled client to understand environmental issues associated with distressed real estate loans.

Retail Center
Newport Beach, CA (2009)

Provide comprehensive soil, soil vapor and groundwater evaluation of Dry Cleaner


Completed site characterization and provided remedial options and costs within 120 days.

Retail Center
Rolling Hills Estate, CA (2009)

Peer Review & Subsurface Assessment

Alecta USA

Advised Lender that 2002 soil vapor levels greatly exceeded current regulatory quidelines. Confirmed finding for potential buyer through new field work.

30 various sites in California and US (2008)

Provide peer review of 3rd party Environmental Site Assessments

Pacific National Bank
San Francisco, CA

Retained as PNB's outsourced Environmental Services Department. Expedited loan process by allowing borrowers to use existing consultant. Added value by ensuring reports met Industry Standard of Care.

Aviza Complex
Scotts Valley, CA, (2008)

Provide professional opinion on current and historic site conditions on an active post-remedial SuperFund site.

Fowler Property Acquisitions,
Lake Forest, CA

Reviewed and catalogue multitude of reports relating to SuperFund site investigation, cleanup and insurance policies. Provided expertise during transaction related conference calls.

Development Site
South San Francisco, CA (2007)

Represented property owner who ground-leased former steel foundry site to home improvement store

Project 101 Associates
San Francisco, CA

Provided regulatory interface for complex development site not thoroughly characterized prior to site grading activities. Provide on call services related to UST(s) removal and disposal, soil and groundwater sampling and Health & Safety issues. The store is scheduled to open in spring of 2008.

Development Site
South San Francisco, CA (2007 )

Comprehensive environmental services related to site demolition and re-development of former Coca Cola bottling plant being transformed into a mixed use facility including residential and retail (Fresh & Easy).

Noteware Development/
Goldman Sachs

Gained regulatory approval from San Francisco to proceed with redevelopment project via a Voluntary Cleanup Plan. AllWest's services included regulatory agency coordination (SFDPH), Soil and Management Plan, asbestos abatement review services, UST removal and hazmat disposal matters.

Development Site
San Francisco, CA (2006)

Conducted remedial investigation and groundwater (BTEX) cleanup for infill development site.

Angotti Properties
San Francisco, CA

Gained NFA status for site within 90 days allowing property disposition.

Development Site
Burbank, CA (2006)

Retained by client to assess site conditions as impacted by historic and surrounding land use. Conducted 2 subsurface and soil gas studies culminating in toxicological risk assessment.

The KOR Group
Los Angeles, CA

Provided thorough human/ecological risk assessment in a timely manner.

Development Site
Emeryville, CA (2005)

Represented private landowner in eminent domain matter


Presented alternative scenarios and costs for Remedial work.

Park Boulevard
Oakland, CA (2005)

Represented seller of strip retail center with former Dry Cleaners. Conducted Subsurface investigation at the site.


Successfully refuted buyer's positon. No reduction in sale price due to site contamination.

Various sites in U.S.A. (2005)

Peer Review of Phase I, II, and III Report.

Mesa West Capital
Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Coast Capital Partners
San Francisco, CA

Blackstone Realty
New York, NY

Provided additional level of confidence over original report conclusion through issuance of opinion letter.

Development Site
Downtown Los Angeles (2004)

Conduct Environmental Site Assessment and Subsurface Investigation

The Hanover Company
Houston, TX

Identified small area of artificial fill at site and absence of VOCs from a former dry cleaner.

Colma, CA (2004)

Provide Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measure (SPCC) Plan

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park
Colma, CA

Enabled largest cemetery in Northern California to voluntarily comply with AST Regulations.

South Park,
San Francisco, CA (2004)

Evaluate subgrade soils for disposal purposes prior to site construction, provide soil mitigation plan.

One South Park, LLC
San Francisco, CA

Gained regulatory approval from San Francisco to proceed with redevelopment project.

Retail Property
Salinas, CA (2003)

Completed feasability study on Remedial Alternatives for Dry Cleaners. Injected hydrogen compounds at property to stimulate chemical breakdown.

Kirkorian Enterprises
Campbell, CA

Assisted client negotiate with regulatory agency. Interacted with financial institution to reduce letter of credit amount.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (2003)

Manage removal of ducting and carbon vessels used to filter hazardous gas emissions from industrial facility.


Identified contractor to remove waste through bid process. Negotiated contract and oversaw site work on expedited basis.

Fremont, CA (2003)

Peer Review of Environmental & Structural Reports.

Walton Street Capital
Chicago, IL

Provided critique of operating partner's due diligence on critical issues such as lead dust and groundwater contamination at former chip fabrication facilities.

Stonestown Apartments
San Francisco, CA (2002)

Provide Environmental Segment of EIR

AF Evans
San Francisco, CA

Responded to neigborhood concerns with articulate summary of historical site investigation & review of current regulatory guidelines.

Hotel Site
San Diego, CA (2002)

Environmental Assessment for Site Development

Tarsedia Hotel Group
Costa Mesa, CA

Identified potential for extensive soil contamination missed by previous consultant. Completed project in 7 days. Contamination later found to be widespread.

Novato Fair Shopping Center
Novato, CA (2000 - 2002)

Completed remedial investigation of shopping center impacted by dry cleaning solvents. Retained to remediate site through source area removal and installation of soil vapor extraction system.

Fifty Associates
Boston, MA

AMB Properties
San Francisco, CA

Provided expertise for both seller & buyer of this site. Conducted risk assessment & provided key remediation estimate for insurance purposes. Retained to oversee site cleanup.

Laurel Street Apartments
Napa, CA (2001-2002)

Retained to engineer, install and operate waste water treatment system at site.

Vintage Ranch Properties
Napa, CA

The treatment system allowed for disposing 80,000 gallons of solvent impacted water to the sewer system.

Avenida De Los Arboles
Thousand Oaks, CA (2001)

Retained by seller to conduct subsurface investigation at property. A perceived problem with a dry cleaner was stalling the transaction.

Falcon Real Estate
San Diego, CA

Designed investigation to advocate site closure. Gained site closure from Regional Water Quality Control Board, sale of property was completed.

Stevens Metal
Orange, CA (2001-2002)

Retained by property owner to write closure plan for plating company.

Trico Properties
Costa Mesa, CA

Plating company fell behind on lease obligations. Our closure plan allowed owner to proceed with termination plan.

International Technology Park
San Jose, CA (2000)

Complete physical Due Diligence study (Phase I, Property Condition & Seismic) of 5 buildings, 426,000 sf, R&D Portfolio.

Eagle Ridge Partners
Minneapolis, MN

Provided turnkey assessment services for site acquisition by pension fund advisor.

Constellation Drive
Los Angeles, CA (2000)

Phase I & II Assessment of site in Century City, Los Angeles.

JMB Properties

Noting the presence of extensive fill materials at the site, completed detailed soils investigation for high rise development property.

Novato Fair Shopping Center
Novato, CA (2000)

Completed remedial investigation of shopping center impacted by dry cleaning solvents.

Fifty Associates
Boston, MA

Provided expertise for both seller & buyer of this site. Conducted risk assessment & provided key remediation estimate for insurance purposes. Retained to oversee site cleanup.

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