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Most often we provide services in a transactional setting identifying Environmental/Property Condition/Seismic problems with real estate before the transaction is complete. We are valued for our abilities to completely define and remedy the identified deficiencies at a site.

The reasons you should retain AllWest for your next project is our emphasis on service, focus on client relationships, and twenty-nine years of operating experience in the real estate industry:

   AllWest conveniently provides Environmental, Property Condition/Seismic (PML) Evaluations and Surveying (ALTA) expertise within a single firm.

   All reports are conducted, written and stamped by Registered Engineers, Architects or Earth Science Professionals from fully staffed offices in San Francisco and Santa Ana, California.

   AllWest's expertise doesn't end at the publication of the assessment report. We design seismic upgrades, oversee large asbestos/lead/mold abatement projects and manage 10 - 20 soil, soil vapor, and groundwater investigation/case closure projects annually.

   AllWest has been commended by our clients for keeping them entirely informed and up to date on their project's status, both verbally and in writing.

   AllWest has a formal QA/QC program that is utilized prior to publishing each Environmental Assessment/Property Condition/Seismic/ALTA Survey.

   AllWest is consistent. We incorporated in 1989 and have completed over 7,000 projects since 1990. We have not changed our name. We have not merged with other firms. We have expanded but not changed our basic scope of services. AllWest is one of the select firms in our industry that can claim this superb operating record.

   AllWest conducts business with our clients' best interest in mind. We have been very successful in identifying building deficiencies, and presenting strong arguments for site closures.

   AllWest's reports are written in a user friendly, non-table, double column format and make recommendations without the proverbial CYA motivation.

   AllWest is very responsive toward our client's requirements, on both turnaround time for reports and changing scopes of service.

   AllWest customize's our services to meet your actual needs to help make our services user friendly and cost effective.

   AllWest services are always performed and reviewed by a senior engineer/geologist/architect to insure optimal quality and accuracy.

   AllWest and its clients are insured by a $2,000,000/$2,000,000.00 combined Contractor/Professional Liability (E & O) policy with no asbestos or mold exclusions provided by Admiral Insurance Company.

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