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Insurance Coverage

AllWest maintains Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability insurance in accordance with or exceeding most client requirements. A copy of our insurance certificate is available for review.

AllWest Professional Liability coverage is a combined Errors/Omissions and Contractor's Pollution Legal liability policy. The E & O element protects the firm from claims arising from negligent acts, negligent errors or negligent omissions in the performance of professional services. AllWest's coverage also includes coverage for claims arising from pollution conditions when we provide contractors oversight.

AllWest's policy is written on a claims-made and reported policy form. The policy covers claims made against AllWest during the policy period and require the claims be reported to our carrier in accordance with the policy terms. To be covered, such claims must have arisen from acts, errors or omissions occurring after the retroactive date stated in the policy.

AllWest renews our policy annually so that prior acts will be covered. The prior acts date on AllWest's policy is February 22, 1990 with respect to our professional liability coverage and February 27, 2004 with respect to contractors pollution legal liability coverage.

AllWest's professional liability policies is an aggregate limit policy. Our policy limit is $2,000,000 per claim and annual $2,000,000 aggregate with a $25,000 Self-Insured Retention (Deductible).

AllWest's E & O coverage is provided by Admiral Insurance Company of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

AllWest's commercial general liability is insurance that protects the firm for liability claims from bodily injury and property damage arising from our nonprofessional activities and business operations. This policy would provide coverage should a visitor slip and fall while in our offices. Coverage is also extended to AllWest's field operations, for example if we left the job site and didn't close the gate behind us and an article of property was stolen.

AllWest's general liability is on an occurrence basis policy instead of a claims-made. This means if an insured event occurs while the policy is in force and results in a claim --- perhaps years later and even after the policy has been dropped --- coverage would still be provided under that policy. AllWest's general liability insurance coverage is at $1,000,000 with a $2,000,000 aggregate. This extended coverage is warranted in our litigious society! All other AllWest insurance coverages are at the mandated dollar coverage limits.

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